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Dominica N, Carlo Verdoni admits his 9-year ordeal

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Carlo Verdoni presented his new film, Vita da Carlo, as well as his latest book, in the living room of Domenica In. The director spoke with Mara Venier, and he shockingly revealed his past.

Venice Film Festival 2021, Carlo Verdone arrives on the red carpet (photo on Instagram).

Carlo Verdone promoting his new movie, Carlo’s life. Moreover, he does not miss any opportunity to also talk about his new book, Memory caressPosted by Bombiani. This favors a dive into the past the director did while being hosted by Mara Venier’s show, Domenica In.

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He wrote his last book during the first Close due to the covid pandemic. Carlo Verdone reopened a box left to him by his assistant, which he described as “photos, letters and documents to rearrange”. Many flow there memories about his past.

Carlo Verdon on Domenica In: “I will explain why I use painkillers”

Director and actor Carlo Verdone poses with the coach of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancini (Instagram photo).
Director and actor Carlo Verdone poses with the coach of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancini (Instagram photo).

Among the revelations made by Carlo Verdone a Mara Venere In Dominica’s living room there is a different approach of the new generations towards him, as well as taking painkillers for the pains he suffered for nine years. Fortunately, Carlo Verdone adds: “I turned to the specialists and was able to walk again“.

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In the USA, the misuse of Pain relievers It has become a real social disaster, with thousands of deaths every year. In particular, many people may misuse a file fentanyl, an opioid pain reliever, only to succumb to a strong case of drug dependence.

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Here is a summary Video Which gives the dimensions of the fentanyl plague in the United States:

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