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Does Putin suffer from thyroid cancer? A specialist in Sochi visited him 35 times. But the Kremlin denies this

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Forest Runs, Hockey Games, and Freezing Water Diving for Orthodox Epiphany: The Show of Physical Prowess has always been a special note for the Presidency Russian President Vladimir PutinIn sharp contrast to his Kremlin predecessors, from Stalin to Yeltsin. A picture that started squeaking with alleged rumors diseases And the psychological disturbances that Western intelligence circulated at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. It has now been relaunched by a Russian investigative newspaper, Proekt, under which the Russian president suffers from thyroid cancer.

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How is Putin?

The Kremlin has categorically denied these rumors. However, Proekt, which has been banned since last summer but is still available in Russia through VPN systems, bases its data on documents that show how Putin is constantly followed on his travels in the country, especially in his moments of rest in Sochi, on the sea. Nero by senior medical team. This will include oncologist Evgeni Selivanov, author of, among other things, a study on the diagnosis of thyroid cancer. In the past four years, Silivanov had traveled to Sochi to visit Putin 35 times. More diligent than it turned out to be an ear, nose and throat doctor, Alexei Shiglov, who was going to meet with the head of the Kremlin 59 times. The supposed health problems of Putin – who will turn 70 on October 7 – have been raised by US and European sources who have tried to explain the unexpected decision to attack Ukraine with alleged instability, possibly due to the medications he must be taking. Some speak out of difficulties in maintaining contact with reality, also citing the iron isolation he has experienced since the start of the Covid pandemic.

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thyroid cancer

“President Putin is no longer the power he used to be, he is now a man in a cage, the cage he built himself,” said British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. While anonymous sources claim in US military orders, citing the New York Times, that Putin is detached from the reality of what is happening in Ukraine just because this war does not have a single commander on the ground, and therefore there is no such thing. Fast and efficient exchange of information between troops on the ground and Moscow as needed. According to Proekt, rumors about the president’s health problems began circulating in Moscow’s medical community as early as last fall, spurred on by the near-crazy interest the presidential staff paid to keep Putin physically isolated. Since the beginning of his presidency when he was forty-seven years old, news about the health of the Kremlin head has been kept secret. The only admission came from the president himself last year, when he reported suffering from back problems from falling off a horse.

the operation

Proekt suggests that it is precisely this problem that can be linked to an operation that Putin underwent at the end of November 2016, when as many as 12 doctors went to Sochi, including a group of neurosurgeons led by Oleg Myshkin and a rehabilitation specialist. The newspaper writes that Putin has in the past expressed sympathy for alternative medicine. In particular, it appears that he also underwent bathing in water in which the antlers of a not yet petrified deer from the Altai region were soaked, to which folk traditions attribute healing effects. And this despite the presence of several doctors in his family, including his eldest daughter Maria. Only the emergence of a serious pathology, Brockett says, would convince the president to put his full trust in medical professionals. According to the newspaper, there will be no less than nine who follow him constantly.

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