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Do you know the highest paid actresses in the world in 2022? Here are the top 10

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There are many famous actresses, but do you know who are the highest paid? In the article you will find the 10 best in the world

The world is full of actresses of all stripes: from comedy film specialists to those who prefer drama. From romantic movie actresses to those who prefer a more committed feature film. However, some of these have shown themselves to be quite capable in all the roles they have been assigned. Of course, these are the most skillful and flexible.

There are many actresses, but who are the highest paid? The online magazine tried to answer this question Women in the World (, which released data on the highest-paid female stars in 2022. We will publish a list of the TOP 10, starting from the last place. The tenth place belongs to Kaley Cuoco, an actress best known for her role in Penny in The Big Bang Theory and Billy V witches. Over the past year, Kaley has earned $25 million. Another actress best known for TV series earned about $25 million, ranking ninth. Let’s talk about Melissa McCarthy, best known for her role as Sookie in mother as a friend Or Frances Welty in the latest series Nine perfect strangersWith Nicole Kidman.

Actresses: the richest of the year

Still, TV series: In eighth place, with $28 million annually ranks Jennifer Aniston, who rose to fame thanks to her role as Rachel in Friends and then became a much-loved movie actress. In seventh place we find another blonde Hollywood actress: Jennifer Lawrence, known for her participation in film productions of caliber The bright side – the silver linings guide and epics hunger Games And the X-Men. The Oscar-winning actress earned $28 million last year. The sixth-place actress needs no introduction: It’s the very famous Julia Roberts. Over her 35 years on stage, the queen of romantic comedies earned $30 million this year.

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Top 5 was opened by a woman to say the least… wow! Let’s talk about Gal Gadot, known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the DC Comics movies, who was paid a good $31.5 million for the year. Fourth place goes to one of the hottest actresses of all time, who shares a pair with another already nominated actress! Let’s talk about Angelina Jolie, who earned $35 million last year. Lowest step on the podium for another popular 90’s actress who is back for a TV series Big Little Lies – Big Little Lies And the morning show. Let’s talk about Reese Witherspoon, who has earned around $35 million, also about her career as a film producer.

In the first two places there are two real VIPs. In second place we find, in fact, Sofia Vergara. The beautiful actress, who is best known for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the series Modern Family, earned a net worth of $43 million in 2022. Vergara is also a well-known TV producer and model. And in the first place? Who could be there other than Scarlett Johansson. Another actress who needs no introduction and earned $56 million last year. If you are interested in knowing the top 10 highest paid actors, we suggest that you click on the link below.

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