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Djokovic has no Canadian Open

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From London, our correspondent

Nick Kyrgios b. [26] F. Krajinovic 6-2 6-3 6-1

On paper it should fit between two opposite poles, row (Krajinovic) And confusion (Kyrgios) And, in fact, we saw two very different players on the pitch, strangely today Nick is orderly and strict, Textbook produced by Tennis.

Really perfect match for Australian players who could not play in service: 24 aces, 93% points won on first ball, won six games at zero, never achieved by opponent. Get the benefits. . Then there are the 16 and 10 Philippine only 50 winners compared to the beauty of the free.

Service aside, everything worked out well for Nick today, including a good grip on basic rallies, as well as mental health – which never ends prematurely with Nick – Kyrgios is very focused on his game with every focus. .

Nothing could be done for poor Krajinovich. Appeared a bit dull and without better solutions, the Serbian never cared about the opponent and, in fact, did not allow him to develop an effective game plan. In the third round, however it goes, there will be a derby: the Greek (due to Nick Hellenic origin) will be the Australian if Jordan Thompson defeats Tsitsipas or Thompson wins.

Kyrgios’ first serve immediately injures Krajinovic below 0-3. Rarely do Australians manage to respond to brochures, so many errors come from the Philippine side. The Australian, strangely uncluttered and highly concentrated, jokes and throws bombs with bases from the ground up. He went out 4-1 and then 5-2. The Serbian was stunned and, 26 minutes later, was clearly outscored 6-3.

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The music does not change in the second set. Nick Kyrgios is back without a break – once in good form – to take a 4-1 lead again. Philip appears to be helpless at the base, and all the frightening attempts to confront the opponent fail. The Aussie tennis player is a steamroller who started to pocket the second heat 6-3 without a shot again.

The third fraction is a snap. Nick broke the deadlock 6-1 in the first round and broke the deadlock in the third round in 1 hour 26 minutes. Everything worked for him except humor. Flawless from the bottom, the transmissions traveled fast and angular and, above all, surgical. Only a few mistakes for the Australian player today. This further strengthens its position as a loose cannon at this Wimbledon. However, for singles: In fact, there has been news of the departure of the pair created by Australian Open winners Nick and Kokkinakis. The reasons have not yet been released.

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