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Director Todd Field immobilizes Tarr fans with his future

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Todd Field He is certainly not a particularly prolific director, given that in the past twenty years, from 2001 to 2022, he has directed only three films, though critically acclaimed and equally important: In the bedroomAnd young children and another taramong the best titles of the latest awards season and tournament Cate Blanchett under one guise conductor.

field, though 6 Oscar nominations (Best Picture, Director, Lead Actress, Original Screenplay by Field himself, Editing by Monica Wylie, Cinematography by Florian Hofmeister, none made into a golden statuette), he nonetheless thought he could have latest movie.

«Making a movie of any size is always a challenge. It is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of effort from me to make a movie. I don’t know if I’ll make another one – said the director, and then added, regarding the possibility that the film seen last year in competition at the Venice Film Festival could be his last – Yes I think so. I hadn’t thought of that before. It is very likely».

The movie synopsis reads:

Lydia Tarrconductor, composer, lives in Berlin where she directs the Philharmonic, and belongs to a very small circle of musicians who have won Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Awards, that is, all the most prestigious music awards in the American culture industry. He’s preparing to record the only Mahler symphony still missing from his syllabus—the culmination of a career, the conclusion of an artistic circle—and to stop for the cover of a box set of Deutsche Grammophon That would bring them all together. He moves between America and Europe, participates in charitable events, travels on private planes, and lives in a severe and modern home museum, which reflects his contradictory personality.

Lydia Tarr is a woman of power, who wields and brazenly makes use of her full genes, which she exploits to seduce young orchestral girls with whom she works or who give them a glimpse of the possibility of a career, which she uses to obtain satisfaction in any form. And it is In the #MeToo era, regarding disorders that feel protective simply because of a gender issue. But in an economy based entirely on reputation, the consequences of one’s actions always end up following you: The higher you are, the faster things fall.

picture: GT (David Livingston / Getty Images)

source: CinemaScope

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