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Dinosaur footprints from 200 million years ago were found on the coast of Wales

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Paleontologists at the Natural History Museum in London believe the footprints date back to the Triassic period

Sauropodi e Somerset – “We know that the first sauropods lived in Great Britain at the time – says Susanna Maidment, a paleontologist at the museum – where bones of Camelotia, very ancient sauropods, were found in Somerset in rocks from the same period.”

On Penarth Beach – “We don’t know if it was these species that imprinted these footprints – the researcher continues – but this is further evidence to suggest that something like this could have created them.” Maidment and colleague Paul Barrett received photos of the footprints, discovered at Penarth Beach, from the 2020 amateur paleontologist and were skeptical at first.

Prehistoric footprints – “We get a lot of requests from the public for things that could be footprints, but many of them are geological features that can easily be confused with footprints,” Maidment explained. However, in this case, the scientists decided to conduct extensive research after establishing that those images were indeed prehistoric footprints.

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