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Devastation caused by the Ischia flood from space: images from European Space Agency satellites

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A few days after the landslide that hit the island of Ischia, European Space Agency satellites immortalized the damage caused by the event.

You will definitely remember landslide which struck a few weeks ago the island of Ischia in Campania: 11 people lost their lives in the tragedy, while hundreds more lost their homes and everything they had.

Now, while the authorities are investigating who is responsible for the disaster and trying to understand whether all this could have been avoided through more responsible land management,European Space Agency (ESA) on its YouTube channel Satellite image of the island of Ischiaas it appears a few days after the disaster.

The images were collected on November 28, two days after the landslide: sediment and debris are still clearly visible in the waters off the coast of Casamicciola, the worst affected municipality of Ischia. Here, in fact, the water is distinguished by a brown color – a symptom of the presence of clay and soil.

The Coastal clean-ups Still going on, the general silence of the media and public opinion. From above, moons Copernicus Emergency Management Service They provide up-to-date information to predict the development of similar flooding phenomena and help the people of Ischia and the local authorities to deal with the current crisis.

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source: ESA

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