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Destination Canada – Mobile Generation

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Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen of Radio 24’s “Generation Mobile” Show, the first “Radio Passport Valid Abroad”.

In this chapter:

– Federico FabianiFounder of “Scambi Europei”, Lists recent and definite opportunities for study, employment and employment in Europe and the EU;

– Benedetta Diamond32-year-old Canadian volunteer activist active in the world and teaching Italian in North AmericaBetween the East Coast and the West Coast – introduces us to Canada overseas;

Eurasia Italy Keeps us updated on upcoming opportunities and choices for working in Europe;

In the address book “Foreigners Community Club” The new series of information tablets dedicated to practical advice and guidance on study-internship-work abroad continues. With todayIndir Agency We take into account how to train abroad Erasmus Mundus.

Connect with “Mobile Generation”
“Are you studying / working / entrepreneurs abroad? And are you” under 40? Do you have a story and valuable suggestions to tell you about taking advantage of opportunities for international migration and cross-border opportunities?
Write to: [email protected]

Or, do you have any questions about studying / internship / working / starting start-ups abroad?
Send them to: [email protected]

Finally, do you have a website / blog abroad that offers practical advice on how to get to the country where you live? Or have you written a book on the subject?
Always tell us everything: [email protected]

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