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“Desperately seeking peace? What does one dare say…” – Libero Quotidiano

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The point about the war in Ukraine, on his Facebook profile, does that Tony Capuzzo. As always, a reliable sound, never predictable or ordinary. The journalist starts from the point of view Volodymyr Zelensky. monetary consideration. In fact, he wrote: “I don’t know what prompted Zelensky to say We are close to victory and peace. If this is the success of those small counterattacks around Kyiv. Either that Russian ship was hit in the port of Berdyansk, or the fact that Mariupol has not yet fallen. “Maybe everyone loses in the war,” he said in a post titled.

And Dunok adds: “Instead, I see it sharpening knives, even when it comes to the good stuff: Draghi said we need to think about refugee integration, and Biden announced that they would host a hundred thousand: As if peace is really far away, no one goes home. After all, there was no talk of peace at the European summit with Biden,” said Tony Capuzzo.

still: “Not 200 tanks, but drones, anti-tank weapons, anti-missile weapons. No-fly zone, the red line becomes the use of chemical weapons (it was the same for Obama in Syria, we know how it ended). With the exception of some human details of the summit, such as the loss of Boris Johnson in preparing for the group photo, the leaders are right to be happy: NATO, the European Union, and the G7 have never been united: it’s the other way around. A miracle provoked by Putin’s invasion, “confirms the side effects of the Tsar’s attack. Just as Capuzzo, closely, also emphasizes what did not work:”But she was also never capable of diplomacyas if weapons cost silence, humiliating thoughts, hindered any other initiative, and invaded the heart and mind of old Europe,” he wrote, referring to European leaders.

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Finally, the conclusions: “What surprised me the most yesterday was the sentence Mario Draghi: Peace must be sought in desperation. This circumstance does not seem accidental, in Cetto La Any. Draghi, a concrete man, spoke, revealing a lack of strategy, a lack of hope, and words one would not even dare utter. After all, everyone loses the war in the end,” concludes Tony Capuzzo with worry and prophecy.

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