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Description of Forspoken, a protagonist with many stereotypes by the authors of the game –

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foresbook has a hero Fry Holland, the black girl who apparently appeared with a series of Stereotypes By the authors of the game, during a presentation with the press, journalists were left confused.

As we wrote in the preview for Forspoken, the new game Square Enix has produced for PS5 e computer It has undoubted potential and we can’t wait to try it out first-hand to check out its qualities.

However, comments from the developers, which were quickly followed by a “fix” statement from Square Enix, appeared misplaced, as they described Frey’s character using terms that should have been avoided.

According to the authors, the hero is an “angry orphan” over the world, “falling into the cracks of society” to the point of “ending up in prison.” Referring to the motion-capture animation, Frye’s gait was called “hip-hoppy”.

Perhaps no one doubts the goodwill of performance director Tom Keegan and lead writer Alison Rimmer and Todd Staschwick, the fact is that the presentation, conducted in this way, moreover devoid of the presence of color developers, offended the sensitivity of some journalists.

Square Enix renewed in its statement the outstanding performance of the actress who plays the role of Fry, Ella Palinska, and specify that he has heard of BIPOC consultants in order to represent the character in the best possible way.

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