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Dear Gasoline, save fuel by using the window trick: Few know it

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Expensive gasoline due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is becoming increasingly unsustainable for motorists. It is a huge problem adding to the economic consequences associated with the epidemic with the overall price hike in the past two years, which has brought Italy and the whole world to their knees.

Expensive petrol window –

Taking a pre-holiday trip or using the car to go to work every day lightens your wallet.

The high cost of petrol drives many families to abandon the car more often, to find cheaper transportation alternatives, public transportation. There are those who do not want to give up the comfort of the car (above all, out of necessity) and their independence, are looking for alternatives to preservation. There is a special method that few people know about: it window makeup. Works. Give it a try, it’s worth it.

Expensive Gasoline: Window Trick to Save

These days, all motorists want to save on gasoline by reducing fuel consumption. However, few of them know such effective tricks as those for windows.

Expensive petrol
Expensive petrol windows –

Those who can’t or don’t want to give up the comfort of the car would do well to change their habitsuse Air conditioning and windows. In general, air conditioning should be avoided in some cases and used on other occasions, always paying attention to how it is used.

Just to understand that the use of air conditioning in cars can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%.

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What do you do next?

at top speedWhen you exceed 80 km / h, it is not recommended to travel with the windows open: they must be raised, kept strictly closed and the air conditioning activated. Woe to leaving the windows open above 80 kmph: leaving them open using the air conditioner creates resistance to the impact on consumption.

On the contrary, when you are moving around the city for example at low speedThe smartest thing to do is to use the fan only and avoid running the air conditioner. You can also roll up the window to allow some air to circulate.

Windows Hoax: What Tests Reveal

Thanks to the windows trick, according to the results of several tests, You can save up to 35€ on each gas tank On long trips.

Another valuable tip is: to cut costs, it’s worth it Avoid accelerating/decelerating too often Because this process requires a large amount of energy from the car and thus increases the consumption of gasoline. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of maintaining a steady, steady pace as much as possible. In this way, gentle braking is facilitated rather than sudden browning.

Expensive petrol
Expensive petrol windows –

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