June 2, 2023

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Deadpool 2, why did Tim Miller break up with Ryan Reynolds? “I can’t work like this”

Deadpool 2 It was a bit like the first chapter on steroids: even more ridiculous and insane than the previous one, the second film about the big-mouthed mercenary proved to be a worthy heir to its predecessor, despite the lack of continuity due to the alternation behind the camera of Tim Miller and Shawn Levy.

As you surely remember, the movie that Aaron Taylor-Johnson turned down a role In fact, he saw Levi collectMiller’s legacy After the departure of the Deadpool director: But what prompted the latter to bid farewell to a similar project after the success of fans and critics in the first chapter of the saga?

Apparently, behind Miller’s decision were bad relations with Ryan Reynolds, with whom the director found it almost impossible to work: “As a director you can also work this way and be successful, however I can not do thatwere the words with which Miller explained his decision, not before talking about the control freak Reynolds who, apparently, was going to make life difficult for the director during pre-production on the film.

Who knows how things would have turned out with Miller at the helm instead of Shawn Levy: However, we are satisfied with the result anyway!

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