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DCEU, new management wants to start with Cavill’s Superman: ‘or just singles’

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There is an overhaul within Warner Bros. Many privileges did not achieve as expected and may be subject to a reset or revocation. Among them, the whole concept of the expanded universe DCEU Could Die: “We either start at Superman or go back to the singles.” The flash will be crucial.

Either this or we close the hut. This seems to be the tone for recent discussions at and during Casa DC in particular Warner Bros. More generally, at least according to rumors and thoughtless ideas. A seemingly disastrous event could actually lead to a massive rev that Warner has been trying to achieve for some time without quite succeeding at all, almost hitting the target every time or anyway with Somewhat fickle trend. Certainly, there are many high-quality products that are offered especially by HBO Max and above all from the serial side. And anyway Currently, Warner remains the natural contender for the crushing power of Disney and Marvel.

But anyway, it also remains a (currently) puzzled contender, while Disney is skyrocketing at the box office. He seems to be well aware of this situation David Zaslav, the new president of Warner Bros. Discovery, whose name appeared a few weeks ago in every cancellation or productive revolutionfear or promise. After Toby Emmerich, there are rumors of replacing Walter Hamadeh, the current president of DC Films. The last time the two worked together was for the sake of making Sparkle, which should become a platform for judgment to understand what to do in the future. Damocles’ sword on Hamada’s head as it is placed.

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At this point, however, a little “as we discuss for fear” Reset all the magic world after, after Box office flop of Fantastic BeastsWe have to understand the future we envision for the capital. According to another (but remained anonymous) profiler insider who turned to The Wrap, whose view of the specialty will be shared by others, the options are only two: Start from scratch with Superman Henry Cavill – which was then the launchpad for Zack Snyder’s current DCEU – which really put him at the center of the universe as he was for Iron Man in the MCU; Or go back to the initial stage, the stage they were already in, based on their judgment BatmanWarner is more capable. This means while Expanded universes did not existwith Singles only Or at the most discounted perks.

For completeness, these are the words (somewhat representing the general warning) from Warner Insider:If anything they are going back to the singles, unless they find a plan. They should get a fucking Superman movie on the floor. And if the plan is a shared universe, then Superman led by Cavill should be the focal point. The Zaslan team should tear up any Superman projects in development and start over with CavillWhat are your opinions? Tell us in the comments!

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