Home Economy Dacia has opened a new chapter in its history

Dacia has opened a new chapter in its history

Dacia has opened a new chapter in its history

Ease of navigation – The Dacia It has reached a turning point: in the past few months, it has changed the logo (over here news) and lines of mannequins. As well as the renewal of agents who benefited from restyling their hair based on the use of environmentally friendly materials (over here news). It’s a new chapter in the history of the Romanian brand, one that was highlighted with a special event in Paris on September 14. It is part of Renaulution, the revolution of the Renault group (to which the Romanian company belongs), launched in 2021: the strategic plan that set goals for each brand. That from Dacia? Become a leader of the so-called Ease of navigation: Low costs, without reducing the quality. Thanks to the basic, practical and comfortable cars, as the CEO of the manufacturer, Denis Le Vot, explained to us. That’s to improve the numbers it champions in Europe, where 7.5 million cars have been sold in 18 years (the third brand to record for individuals).

The concept of the statement as a laboratory – On this occasion, Dacia also presented a Concept outdoor car, la Dacia statement (In the pictures above). It is defined as a laboratory of ideas, some of which can be resumed in sequential models. A car, without glass, that embodies the brand’s values, in the name of simplicity: with all-wheel drive and massive airless wheels, its chassis is made above all with recycled plasticThe passenger compartment is largely equipped with natural materials such as cork.


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