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Current accounts, which are the banks that have the lowest cost in 2023

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Are you about to open one? Here are the banks with the lowest checking account fees in 2023. These are the cheapest

Opening a checking account can be beneficial for managing your money effectively and conveniently. However, not all checking accounts are created equal.

Let’s find out which banks are most suitable for opening a current account –

In fact, some banks offer services and benefits that others do not Costs can vary greatly from one financial institution to another. In the remainder of this article, we will explore which banks have the lowest checking account fees in 2023 and the factors to consider when choosing a checking account.

In times of economic crisis, like the one we are going through, look for solutions that make us Memorizes Money becomes more important. In addition to the many strategies for saving money at home, it is also essential to try to spend less on managing your savings.

Which banks have the lowest fees for checking accounts?

Select the Bank With the lowest costs a checking account can make a big difference. For this reason, in the rest of this article, we will explore the Least expensive banks for current accounts in 2023 And how to choose the right current account for us.

According to an article in Sole24Ore, some banks have reduced the cost of checking accounts, such as Bank saddle And Bnl, which led to the abolition of commissions for companies. Instead, the Banco di Desio wiped it out Excess liquidity fee. However, many banks have also increased costs due to inflation, such as BNL, Banco di Desio, and Banco BPM. Bper announced it from May It will reduce costs For all customers who have experienced the effects Taxi Negativesbut it has increased checking account and debit card costs since January.

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Here are the banks that offer the most advantageous checking accounts –

The survey also turned up some news, such as that according to Credit Agricole It will have the intention to reduce the costs of current accounts. An option closely related to recent hikes in interest rates to fight inflation in 2022. BelievesOn the other hand, conditions prior to increases returned negative rates in 2021. Fineco and Intesa Sanpaolo decided to reduce monthly fees for accounts, while Poste Italiane eliminated the €2 increase in license feesbut it increased the costs of inflation.

Unicredit has lower fees related to negative rates which refers to the period 2018-2021; But he decided to raise costs due to inflation. Banca Etica, Banca Mediolanum, Banca Popolare di Bari, Banca Popolare di Sondrio and Sparkasse did not change their current account costs. Chepanka! Still evaluates any changes.

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