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“Cure for Cancer in February, Political Future Uncertain”

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Not an incurable disease, but a strong one Chronic pain. These will be the health conditions of the Russian president Russian President Vladimir PutinAccording to the “diagnosis” of the Danish Military Intelligence (Fe). Furthermore, for Scandinavian 007, “The Kaiser” was being treated for a form of cancer and this may have influenced his decision.

In its 2021 annual report, Ukranska Pravda reports, the federation gave Putin another “very likely” mandate after the next presidential election in 2024. However, in its 2022 report, the Danish military services have changed their minds and this time they believe that installing Putin as president is even 2029 is only “possible”. “The biggest doubt we have is his health, or whether someone will remove him because of his deteriorating health,” said an intelligence officer.

Putin is sick: that’s why he can suffer from chronic pain

The agency does not believe that Putin is suffering from an incurable disease, but rather from severe chronic pain after several falls and accidents. “That is why he tries to sit up and hold on to things. The officer indicated that he does this to relieve pain. The report notes that various media have reported in the past that Putin is suffering the consequences of falling off a horse in the 2000s and being injured during judo and hockey lessons in the years FE experts do not expect Putin to die from ill health, but believe that over time the Russian elite will want to see a stronger person at the helm.“We have a strong impression that part of the elite sees that they are going in the wrong direction,” added the Danish military intelligence officer.

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