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Create an AI that thinks like a human child

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systems Artificial intelligenceAs we know, they are always a step ahead of us in certain areas, but in others they may be behind us as human beings, even when we are infants or young children. For example, also Young children instinctively know that something that passes briefly behind another should not disappear and reappear somewhere else. Provide yourself with such a magical action, kids They act surprising.

However, this simple rule of continuity, along with other fundamental physical laws, It wasn’t very intuitive for AI. Now a new study has created a new AI called plateauwhich was inspired by research on how children learn and how they learn Able to think like a child. This intelligence was trained through the encoded video to represent it The same basic knowledge of the baby in the first months of life.

Artificial intelligence, creating an intelligence that can think like a human child

Developmental psychologists have spent decades studying what children know about the physical world Cataloging different components or concepts that contribute to physical understanding. Expand and make available this work created by researchers A data set of physical privileges. This synthetic video dataset is inspired by original development experiments to evaluate physical concepts in exposed models. There are three basic concepts that we can all understand even when we are young: Durability, toughness, and continuity. The presented data set consists of these three concepts, with the addition of two more concepts: Stability and inertia direction.

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After training PLATO on these videos, the next step was to test it. When were they artificial intelligence? Show videos of “impossible” scenarios that challenge the physics he’s learned, and express his amazement. He was smart enough to realize that something strange had happened that violated the laws of physics. Technically, just as in studies of children, researchers have been looking at Evidence of signs of violating expectations, demonstrating that the AI ‚Äč‚Äčunderstands the concepts taught. The team ran more tests, this time using things other than those in the training data. Once again, PLATO has demonstrated a solid understanding of what should and should not happen, proving it Can learn and extend basic training knowledge.

But this intelligence You haven’t yet reached the peak of a three-month-old baby. Plus videos PLATO has trained additional data included to help him Recognize objects and their movement in three dimensions. It seems that some integrated knowledge is still needed to get the full picture, and that the question of “nature versus nurture” is something evolutionists continue to raise in children. You can give us research Better understanding of the human mindas well as helping us build a better representation of AI.

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