May 29, 2023

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Cortina and Asiago unleashed the first round of the quarter-finals. Cady Girdina – OA Sport

The The first round of the 2021-2022 Alpine League Quarter-finals Ice Hockey Championshipwhich is a stage in which five Italian teams participate.

As expected, in fact, the most preferred Jesenice archived Gherdeina’s file without concernPutting him inside the friendly walls with a score of 4-0, the score matured thanks to goals from Elo (19:42 from the first period), Pance (8:39 from the second period), Viikila and Sotar (00:27 and 7:04 from the third period) .

Four goals also for Cortina winnerpassed against Renon for 2-4 mainly due to a Latest work with all the trimmingswhich is characterized by johansson arc (1:35, 19:49) and the goal of Zenata (8:57). Also among the other scorers was Alvera who responded, at 16:35 of the second half, to Ritten’s initial advantage that arrived with Fink in the first half (19:53).

Ice hockey, ICE League 2022: Elimination of Valpusteria. The power outage in the second period was fatal

Game no date at the end between Asiago and Vepitinoended with the result of the same round 8-2 for the hosts, who ended the first half with a partial weakness 0-2 for the guests, They climbed the slope and scored eight separate goals between the second and third seasonsFour of these for one Unleash Salinitry.

The second round of the quarter-finals will take place on Thursday 17 March.

Photo: Max Bates

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