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Constantine 2, major updates on the sequel with Keanu Reeves

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Very important news regarding the release of Constantine 2 came straight from director Francis Lawrence, who also directed the first chapter that came out in the distant 2005.

Francis Lawrence, Director Constantine Released in 2005, it revealed important news related to the release of Constantine 2the highly anticipated sequel starring Keanu Reeves.

Constantine 2

Very important news about the release of Constantine 2the awaited sequel that all fans of the first chapter have been looking forward to since 2005, the year of the movie’s release, starring one of the audience’s most beloved actors as it is. Keanu Reeves.

To reveal important details regarding this film was the direct director of the film A Francis Lawrencewho has already directed the film that was released in Cinemas in 2005.

The director said that significant and important steps have been taken, and revealed how the film is finally in the works. Great news has been waiting for many years.

Constantine 2: The New Chapter with Keanu Reeves

the film ConstantineIt was released in theaters on February 18, 2005 and is freely inspired by the series DC Comics Hellblazerfollow events John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), a demon hunter who has the ability to travel from earth to hell and must investigate a suspected suicide IsabelleDetective’s twin sister Angela Dodson.

The film, initially received somewhat tepid by critics, later grew more and more popular and over the years, becoming a true cult. To the delight of fans, the Warner Bros. Recently I finally confirmed that a sequel is in development.

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Francis Lawrence’s Remarks

Constantine 2
Constantine 2

Director Francis Lawrence He mentioned that the business has been significantly delayed over the years due to the many problems that have arisen between DC Comics and the spinner comics. The difficulties that could have been resolved now.

Here are some of the director’s statements:We don’t have a text yet, but I Keanu And the Akiva We’ve tried over the years to put together another one. It became complicated by the ownership dispute between ad And the vertigobut now it looks like we can finally move on with the project“.

Possible developments for the new film dedicated to Constantine

As for the possible plot of Constantine 2who sees now Reeves As the only safe member of the cast, there is still a lot of uncertainty. One direction the movie can take is that Dodson He might be more interested in paranormal investigations.

A path that can be completely viable, with the investigator who can be appointed by himself Constantine as your partner. Another question that can be deepened is the struggle for a soul Constantinewhich – which The devil You hope to succeed once and for all in bringing them into their kingdom.

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