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Climate change, special about Antarctica and space

Climate change, special about Antarctica and space

specific to climate change

This evening TeleAmbiente’s special program will air to understand how Antarctica and space help us understand and learn about climate change.

Tonight’s appointment at 18:20 with the special show TeleAmbiente Entitled “How Antarctica and Space Explain Climate Change”. Your is hosted by Bianca D’Amatowith guests in the studio Massimo FrizzottiProfessor of physical geography and geomorphologyRoma Tre University And George DiBernardoscience journalist, writer and celebrity.

During the special we’ll talk about it shipments In Antarctica, in which Professor Frizzotti participated, studies were carried out to understand the climatic situation on Earth. Thanks for the projects epic And beyond epicScientists and researchers dug and dug ice From the polar cap to reconstruct Earth’s climatic history.

Giorgio Di Bernardo will speak in place of space and how it is closely related to Antarctica. The latter is actually characterized by difficult living conditions and existence underwater lakes A giant that may be associated with Europa, Jupiter’s moon is surrounded by a thick layer of ice.

During the broadcast there will be a case focus glaciers in the world, especially in Italy. Recently, in fact, there was an anniversary Marmolada And Professor Frizzotti, we will try to understand what awaits us in the near future.

Finally, Giorgio Di Bernardo will present his latest work book“I see the blue earth” published by Pedrini, in which he tells the space and space missions. But above all what can be expected of the future and what we shall find by continuing our explorations.


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