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Cinecello, Canada Park’s new playground opening ceremony

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A morning celebration at Canada Park in Cinicello Balsamo to inaugurate the new play area with the children of the ASA Sports Camp and ASD Rugby Nordmilano Multisport Summer Centers.

While cutting the tape Mayor Giacomo Ghilardi was present. Accompanied by representatives of the Department of Public Works, he announced: “It was great to see the children’s smiles as they used the facilities. A play area was designed and designed for them so that they could move around in complete safety. Canada Park is a large green space located in the heart of the city, where many renovations have been done to make the park accessible to all. Interventions are prepared: adults using sports equipment or surfing, cycling children and even the little ones now have a place for fun and recreation.

The 140sqm play area is a multifunctional, highly inclusive system with interactive games and a slide; From two spring toys for small children, a swing-basket suitable for children of different ages and, on the sides, two ‘talking flowers’. The flooring is elaborately treated: non-slip and anti-shock cast rubber, it has some representations of animals especially suitable for crawling children. The total cost of carrying out the work is €35,000 including the redevelopment of the area.

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