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Christmas with Lillo is on Prime Video

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The holiday movie for the whole family arrives exclusively on Prime Video. Elf Me takes us into the hyperactive control room of Santa Claus himself who is busy with his elves sorting presents. Our video interview with Lillo, Anna Foglietta, Caterina Gozzanti and Claudio Santamaria.

The sleigh is still in the garage, but the atmosphere is already right, in Santa’s control room. The heroes are his loyal assistants, the elves, who sort gifts for all the children in the world, making sure to reward those who have behaved well. Who said that Italian cinema cannot venture into the territory of fantasy?in productions for the whole family using reliable digital effects, to recreate those engagements for the whole family that are still fresh in the memory of all of us thanks to the many American films, now holiday classics?

Dwarf me Next Prime Video From November 24thdirected by the entire audience of 240 famous countries and regions you are crazy!, two of them grew up with this kind of cinema. The protagonist, in the role of an unconventional troll building journey, can only be a very (admittedly) obsessed person. Lilo (petroleum). Santa Claus is faithfully in service of his softness, even if he always makes very eccentric toys, with a magical spirit, certainly, but also often out of control. In this adventure the resulting chaos will be particularly chaoticstarting a whole plot with an unscrupulous businessman, a sinister villain played by someone unprecedented Claudio Santamaria. The first Ciociaro is bad, given the tone he uses, and as he himself likes to remember. Not a single one is missing A young boy is persecuted by bullies at school with his toy-maker mother (Anna Foglietta) whose business is not going well at all.
Meeting Trip changes their lives and thanks to him the gaming business finally takes a positive turn. But just when things seem to be going wrong, Santamaria arrives to put a spanner in the works.

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Watch Elf Me now on Prime Video

Produced by Lucky Red, Amazon Studios and Goon Films, with movie stars like Gabriel Mainiti, Elf Me delivers a classic holiday adventurecomplete with uplifting, shareable messages, decorated with A precise official part that is able to not be deformed with products of this type coming from abroad.

But for Elf Me we spoke directly with the protagonist Elves, Lilo First of all, but also Anna Foglietta, Caterina Gozzanti And the bad Claudio Saint Mary. We present to you what we have Video interview.

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