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Chief Wagner’s delirium about the “Bakhmut cease-fire.” Then the face changed: “I was joking!”

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Ceasefire for a few hours in Bakhmut to allow American journalists to visit it? Of course, why not, the leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, surprisingly declares. Then the reverse: Nah, it was all a joke, it’s the official version of the counter-order. The Wagner Group’s press office announced for the first time via Telegram, that “Russian forces will stop artillery shelling in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine, during a visit by American journalists to the besieged city, accompanied by the Ukrainian army.” Headquarters dealing with combat operations when information arrived that Tserber, commander of the 57th Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, was transporting American journalists to Bakhmut. The decision was made to stop the artillery fire, so that American journalists could calmly film Bakhmut and leave again. Media is sacred. I’m also a kind of military correspondent.” The editorial is too generous to be true. Or maybe it was announced without the decision being agreed upon within the group that had besieged the city in eastern Ukraine for months. A military joke. A joke, nothing more.. It was a joke, ”corrected the militia commander, quoting the agency RIA Novosti.

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