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Calderara, the fourth appointment to review the Spazio Reno Theatre

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Continue Sunday 20 February theatrical winter season stage Renault space Calderara. It will be shown on stage on Via Roma at 5 pm today. Four hands escape for grandmother and child, From Arione de Falco . Company, Offered to everyone, grandparents, parents and children from 5 years old. and the The story of two distant generations who meet, hold each other’s hand and begin to walk together: it will be an adventurous, daring and gentle escape of a child and an old lady.

“Shall we go to the theater?” It started last January 23 with “Silver News” and now on its fourth date, it is a review made up of 9 dates Between January and April: a program full of exciting content, with high-quality performances, and a distinctive note of a proposal that has long been aimed at children, adolescents and families, not forgetting adults and lovers of dialectical theatre.

So Spazio Reno 8 offers dates until March 27, plus a special and free date for the occasionEcoVesta 2022, an initiative related to environmental and sustainability issues that we hope will resume after two years of interruption due to the health emergency. All performances are done safely and are managed in accordance with the current health regulations related to Covid-19 emergencies. Appointments are edited by like sparkleCalderara de Reno Cultural System.
Here are the details of the upcoming event.

Sunday 20 February – 17:00

today. Four hands escape for grandma and baby
Arione de Falco . Company

Offer for grandparents, families and children from 5 years old

Actor’s Theater

By and with Annalisa Arione and Dario de Falco

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Music by Enrico Messina

The winning bid at IN-BOX Verde 2021

A meeting between distant generations: Marco is seven years old. One day he was so angry that he ran away from home. Lina has spent seven years at least ten times with her, but she, too, ran away. This is the adventurous and daring escape of a child and an old woman who are searching for each other without knowing it.

A show that narrates the relationship between childhood and old age in a simple and only ostensible way, simply drawing two characters of utmost credibility on stage, without the need for artworks other than the basic tools of the theatre. In fact, the actors are completely alone on stage: there is no scenography, no props, few and basic gestures, often drawn in the air, narration of light and light words.

A twisted, dizzying and nocturnal journey in any city, as the musical carpet of piano medleys ranging from Gershwin’s compositions to others from Messina itself to the disturbing city noises, the innocence of our two protagonists, create a dimension of surprise and confusion that includes, moves and infuses a dimension of great tenderness.

Children and over 65 € 5.00
Adults 8.00 EUR
Discounts € 7.00 for Coop Alleanza 3.0 members, smaller card, DOC card

Info and reservations
Spazio Reno Theatre
phone. 051.722700
[email protected]

It is also possible to book at:

Calderara Municipality Press and Liaison Office

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