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Chiamarsi Bomber Summer Book-

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From Andrea Sirini

In Libraries this week, the first community action with 5 million followers on social networks. More than a thousand quizzes, questions, crosswords, story

A light, comfortable and very funny book. Perfect for summer, to relax by the sea, and always enjoy contemplating the ball. “Fantastic Football Review” It is the holiday notebook created by the soccer community Chiamarsi Bomber, and published with Rizzoli (in bookstores this week, cost €13.90). A guide with over a thousand quizzes, crosswords, questions and stories told with irony and simplicity. The unforgettable match, the Euro 2020 final, and the biggest disappointment, the defeat against North Macedonia that deprived us of the World Cup in Qatar. And again, the reckless fantasy football auction, Meteors Ball (from Mendetta to Vampita), the most beautiful and most important saves.

A book that spoils us and challenges us: There are quizzes that measure how much you like a particular team, graphics that lead us to remember memorable goals, and phrases that are famous for communicating with the player who uttered them. In “Vieri or false” we search for the hidden truth in sentences about Totti, Ronaldo, Conte and LeBron James; In “Labyrinth” we help Lewandowski to reach the exit and the coveted Golden Ball. In short, Mine for games.

“A book that you consume, do not keep intact in your library. Nearly one hundred and fifty pages of quizzes, crosswords, anecdotes and puzzles to fill in with a pencil. And then it’s an interactive book, you can challenge your friends and share the results on social networks,” explains Ricardo Russo, founder of the Calling Bomber community with Giammarco Brega and signing the book with Daniele Villa, author of Rds and collaborator in Community.

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The latter created the column “Sliding Doors”, stories in which different endings are told compared to those in reality (“If Roberto Carlos had not scored the famous punishment, he would have surely hit someone’s car in the parking lot”) and the puzzles of the “Indovina bomber” . Don’t miss out on fantasy football, games and stories for those waiting for the auction and the new tournament.

Calling himself Bomber, he separates himself from the world of social media, where the community has more than 5 million followers, and is trying to expand his reach.. Nice idea, original and fun way to engage football fans even in summer. “We apologize to everyone if from today on in the list of library authors you can find Calling Yourself Bomber in the letter C, right between Bukowski and Dostoevskij. We didn’t think all this could happen and you probably thought you’d already seen it all – they wrote in the preface to Rousseau and Villa -. In fact, the day Rizzoli called us to offer us a bet on this book we thought of a bad joke… for this we would also like to apologize! ». No joke, in fact it’s just the beginning.

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