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Canada and Ukraine’s Other Allies Offer Equipment to Fight Winter- Corriere.it

Canada and Ukraine’s Other Allies Offer Equipment to Fight Winter- Corriere.it

Boots, gloves, hand warmers, balaclavas, parkas, sleeping bags, heated tents: well-equipped countries – such as the Nordics and Baltics – are sending supplies to combat the bitter cold.

The General Winter is comingThe conflict will become more intense Kiev asks for help equipping its soldiers. The first responses have already arrived and others will follow. At the end of the NATO meeting in Brussels, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated clearly: Those who could not provide weapons could send material that would allow the resistance to operate in a hostile climateEspecially with Visit during the few months of snow and frost. Soldiers are tired, positions or trenches become traps, and it is difficult to rest for a few hours. Enemy bombsCold gives no rest, Wearing a camouflage or extra shirt on each head is definitely not enough. Need change and quality. Ukrainians have years of conflict experience in the Donbass, and they have experienced first-hand – like the Russians – the consequences, now. They sent lists to their partners to request targeted help.

Among the first responders Canada is one of the most committed countries in supporting the defenders’ struggle. Defense Minister Anita Anand announced the sending of 500,000 sets: matching boots, gloves, hats, parkas, sleeping bags. $15 million package. Germany has promised a temporary supply, which includes heated curtains. States whose armies operate in “hard” theaters have already moved: Sweden, FinlandLithuania, Estonia They have made the kits available at their depots or they will. how For drones and radios, have started collecting through associations and individuals. Collections allow Buy jackets, mats, balaclavas, socks, disposable hand warmers. Food and war food are also important.

The front of the house should not be underestimated. It will be long and difficult months, and the Pentagon estimates that Zelensky’s troops — if they are equipped to listen — can support the effort. Rather, the question is which level exists A product of the Kremlin’s mobilized sectors: There are many testimonies of infantry soldiers who were sent to the front line with the bare minimum. Sometimes a gun, an old uniform and a helmet. A video circulated online showed a Russian official calling on recruits to defend themselves. Ukrainian sources said Moscow tried to buy bulletproof vests and winter boxes for thousands of men in Turkey But Ankara would have refused. While this message may be exaggerated or understated, Russia is certainly not inexperienced, as its history suggests. The invasion reserved surprises and the numbers to be managed were enormous, demands that required proper logistics.

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