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Blue heart, but how much waste – OA Sport

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00.16 It ends here! A draw that moves the rankings little or nothing and does not benefit both teams. Italy will return to the stadium tomorrow, at 19.30, against Andorra, while Portugal will face Spain in today’s big match. The Azzurri can still hope, but a lot will depend on what Spain does between now and Friday. Thank you for sticking with us at OA Sport, and we wish you a good night.

0.24 Azores are pressing on the accelerator! Glowing finish, it’s targeted practice.

1.10 serving of coconut, Janata says no to Elvis on the other side!

1.31 Last time out of the match, Bertolucci calls it.

2.30 Now the Lusitanians are paying, Italy is closing in like a hedgehog.

3.12 And this time Alves scored 4-4 and two goals for the Lusitan champion.

3.12 In the meantime, a timeout is called, Alves will appear from disk.

3.12 Clash in the Box, a penalty kick for Portugal…

3.33 Jirao saves again! The goalkeeper is really Portugal’s extra man.

4.23 Italy is too fast at the start of the second half, Ambrosio and Gavioli miss a great opportunity in front of goal.

5.41 The Azzurri let the entire 45 seconds pass, but they are unable to shoot.

7.18 Thiago Pinto looks for the raid, and Gnata closes the door!

8.37 Portugal wants a draw, and a defeat would be disastrous in the final standings.

9.48 Bara Janata!

9.48 Too many crazy blues, who make the tenth mistake. There will be a direct shot in Portugal’s favour.

10.55 ILLUZZIIIIII! Ingenious rigor, a torpedo under the junction of the poles! Italy is advancing again 4-3!

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10.57 penalty! Malagoli tied by Costa, it’s a penalty!

11.41 A triple save from Janata, Gavioli commits the ninth mistake.

13.02 Italy again! The Blues push Gavioli, but without finding the target.

14.11 Italy’s chance! Gavioli touches the net with a counterattack, Girau does not allow himself to pray for him.

15.08 His father! Ambrosio is punished for the help of Malagoli. Impervious stone, 3-3!

16.49 fourth foul from Portugal, against eight from the Azzurri.

18.32 – Portugal overtakes advantage. Count Goncalo Alves who turned around the door and put the ball under Gnata’s man.

18.45 Try the hit from the distance of the Ebenazar high ball.

20.08 very rectangular teams, chances on both sides.

21.05 Portugal equalize immediately, Nunes defeats Gnata, taking advantage of a rebound.

22.04 Veronaaaaaaaaa! Italy forward! Action version of the first goal, Coco Pesca Verona, 2-1!

23.30 Gavioli exploited a defensive error and saved Girao.

23.32 The second half begins.

23.22 The first half ends.

0.36 gnata! A great save by the blue goalkeeper that kept the team afloat.

2.39 drawing portugal. Rodrigues lurks on the side of the door and is presented beautifully by the smaller Magallaes. All that will be rebuilt for the Azzurri.

4.15 Goncalo Alves attempted the number, but was stopped by the referees awarding a penalty kick.

4.45 Gavioli hunts in the farthest corner, Girao by a miracle! Italy hits 8 errors.

5.44 Another foul on Italy’s back, Bertolucci calls the time out.

6.18 Occasionally for Portugal, Gnata is saved in a lucky way.

6.40 A shot from Verona was blocked by the defense.

7.40 6-3 The situation is hurting Italy.

8.54 Slow down the game, do not find the distances difference.

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9.49 Bad bug on Gavioli, time out.

11.22 Quick restart Portugal, Para Gnata!

12.03 Malagoli also tried, but to no avail.

13.35 Another counterattack from Italy, Ebenazar came close to scoring but found Girao cautious.

14.41 timeout, while the number of errors is 4-2.

15.03 Great Jirau Parade! Goalkeeper Luzitani saves a goal!

15.50 Portugal’s first mistake.

16.22 Italy continues to attack, make a lot of effort for the hosts.

17.55 The third error, it can become a problem.

18.39 False by Coco, it’s the second blues.

18.58 Italy is looking for a solution from afar, but it can’t find the door.

20.21 Good job for Italy, Verona finds Girao attentive.

20.42 also vows to Gnata, who saves the score of Rafa Costa.

22.00 Two occasions for the Azzurri, Giroud countering Coco and Ambrosio.

23.06 iNext in advantage! Alessandro Verona punishes two steps by taking advantage of Coco’s suggestion. Forward the sweatshirt!

24.02 Italy immediately came up with two conclusions from afar, Girao keeps a good guard.

22.45 and part!

22.40 The teams are already on the parquet, ready to go!

22.35 It certainly wouldn’t be an easy game. Besides Spain, Portugal is among the favorites for the tournament, having already won 21 times in the past, while Spain has won eight of the last 10 editions.

22.30 Some problems also for Portugal, which opened with a 10-0 win over Germany, then lost 5-3 to France in the second match.

22.25 Indeed, Italy gave way to France on the first day, while in the second match, a more convincing tie arrived against Spain, the team that was nominated for the final for the gold medal.

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22.20 Welcome to LIVE LIVE. Italy and Portugal deserve three precious points for both teams: for the Lusitanians, a serious mortgage for the most important final, while the Azzurri are still searching for their first success.

Good evening, OA Sport readers, and we welcome you again to this new live broadcast, which will take us for the occasion to Paredes, Portugal, where 2021 European Roller Hockey ChampionshipWhere Italy seeks to achieve its first victory over the owners of the land.

In fact, the Azzurri started their journey with a defeat against France, then managed to draw 4-4 against the fearsome Spain, at the end of a daring match in which the team coached by Alessandro Bertolucci showed signs of growth especially in the match. plan.

The Portugal However, he is certainly not the latest arrival, and is already the favourite in the entire tournament, which began with two big victories against Germany and France, proving once again that it is the team with the highest potential. So it won’t be easy, but Federico Ambrosio and his buddies will do their best against Spain to move the rankings and get closer to the finals for the medal.

It will be the last game of the day and the ball will start at 22.45, after the matches of Germany, Spain, France and Andorra. OA Sport brings you the live text of the entire challenge, and have fun!

Photo: Marzia Catini

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