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Cheese exports to Canada are rising

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The importance of international agreements for the dairy sector has been confirmed. Low prices and high raw material prices are now a signal to farmers in crisis for milk

“The prompt approval of the Chetta Agreement will send a clear and immediate message to agro-food companies and especially to our livestock companies at risk of default due to rising raw material prices.” Four years after the Ceta EU-Canada agreement, Dino Scanavino, President of Cia-Agricoltori Italiani, reiterates the importance of international agreements for trade and investment abroad. In fact, the dairy industry figures are beyond doubt. By 2020, exports of Italian cheese reached 7,000 tons (Grana Patano and Formigiano Regiano on the podium, which is only 70% of the total) The baptism (proof) of the agreement increased by 35.1% in 2017. By). The CIA is now asking for a signal from the companies in view of the National Table of Milk Prices aggregated at Mipaaf due to the great danger to our farmers who continue to lose their bargaining power.

Exactly 21 September 2017 Ceta, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada came into force. This is the first trade agreement the EU has signed with another G7 country. The agreement reduces tariffs and other trade barriers between the EU and Canada, and maintains strict European standards that ensure the health and safety of food products and the protection of European geographical features. There are 171 food items, including 41 Italian PDOs and PGIs – 98% of which are Italian-made and exported only to Canada – which are subject to counterfeiting and counterfeiting in that country. The spread of food prepared in Italy is preferred in the presence of a large Italian community; The areas where our food is most exported are Ontario and Quebec, which is the best place to grow due to the high cultural interactions with Italian agro food production.

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“The objective benefits for our companies are undeniable – declares Dino Scanavino, President of Cia-Agricoltori Italiani – to now accelerate policy on CETA approvals to give Italian organization competitiveness. This deal helped to make it easier.

A manufacturing exporting country does not fail to deal with the environment of open markets, which are essential for the agri-food sector. “It’s unthinkable to defend our agriculture on our national or European borders, with positions of closure or protectionism. Scanavino concludes.

Source: National CIA

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