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Charles III is ill. Doctors say that the king’s conditions worry the subjects

Charles III is ill.  Doctors say that the king’s conditions worry the subjects

Charles III worries the inhabitants of the United Kingdom: his health conditions frighten his subjects. Is the new king sick? This is what the doctors say.

Subjects worry about their new king: Charles III frightens the United Kingdom because of his health. Many noticed the details of the new guardian, which aroused many doubts and fears among the people.

The English royal family is a family that no one will get tired of talking about. Scandals and gossip were circulating even before the death of the Queen, as ever, but now it has increased dramatically after rumors and Secrets that came to light With the death of Elizabeth.

It was the longest reign in history after the Sun KingLouis XIV, which lasted 72 years. Everyone sarcastically thought that the Queen was now immortal, but in the end it was time for her to bid farewell to her people.

Doctors shared their concerns about her health for a while, and the news didn’t escape the papers. The news spread around the world and several months before his death People He was worried about Elizabeth’s fate.

Now Carlo, 73, has taken the lead in the UK and will follow in his mother’s footsteps. It wouldn’t be easy to bear such a burdensome legacy, but the King is ready to prove himself and Give your all for his country.

Charles III

However, his behavior has already caused a discussion: Carlo has expressed his affection for Harry and MeganAnd the But he alluded to it The Dukes of Sussex will remain excluded from the royal inheritance The titles are attached.

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Charles III worries people

The latest rumors are talking about her King is not in good health. In particular, people will be worried fingers Carlo is puffy and red. Many wondered what illness the new guardian had, with fear that it might be a serious illness.

In fact, from the photos you can see this very well. The Daily Starthe British tabloid, contacted A Doctor To understand the reasons behind his particular health condition. Gareth Nye, Lecturer at the University of Chester, Explain what it is.

Charles III

“There are certainly no immediate health issues that can be traced down to swollen fingers, and most likely they are sign of ageHe reassured supporters of King Charles. Swollen fingers are likely to be tied Edema or for arthritistwo very common conditions in the 65-year-old.