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A new one comes Invoice provisioning rule In the Anti-price increase decree Yesterday approved by the House of Representatives. In addition to the controlled prices for SMEs and energy-intensive companies on the gas package for national production and on a circular share of renewable energy, there is also an important correction of the tools available to Arera to fix the tariffs that have to be paid in the bill. From now on to balance high prices GasAlso driven by a great deal of speculation will be the real gas purchase costs incurred by importers. A method like any other to avoid the accumulation of additional profits, such as those generated in quantities in this time of war, on the one hand, and from the discharge of all price tensions upon households and firms on the other. Excluding government intervention with 20 billion aid as it has done in the past nine months.

Lazio, bills and raw materials: exorbitant costs. Business on their knees

a Anti-inflation standardbut also semi-speculative, according to others, oriented to saving bills in the coming months, given that in the past ten years the price of gas has been traveling at an average of 60 euros per megawatt-hour, 40% less. The potential discount on the bill can be as high as that. Not a true “ceiling” of prices for everyone, as Confindustria asks, but something similar. If in 2021 the average family spent, in fact, 1770 euros per year on gas and electricity, in the first quarter of 2022 the cost (annual) rose to 3161 euros thanks to speculation. It should be noted that Arrera’s recent decision at the end of March to cut tariffs by 10% using “extraordinary measures” that counterbalanced the price frenzy, followed an unprecedented series of price increases: six-quarters of the price increases culminated in +55% of the electricity connection and + 41.8% of gas last January. Attention, however, will, from now on, always be up to Arera to assess how much importance should be taken into account in complete independence New rates Gas cost in relation to price fluctuations associated with the Ttf market in Amsterdam, considering future scenarios regarding outlook and consumption.

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The new rules

Therefore, Article 18 bis of the decree approved by the Chamber will also amend Law 95 that defines the functions and powers of Arrera by introducing “an indication of the real cost of supplying raw materials as well as to the direction of the market. Among the criteria for which the Authority establishes and updates definitions.”
In this way, it will be a little easier to face the coming months, and the coming winter, in case Europe does not cancel its reservations about setting a ceiling for the price of gas in Europe. Because it has become clear to everyone, the authorities, and the economists that gas values ​​will remain high. At least €100 per megawatt-hour (in line with current values), say market futures. That will not be more than the 300 euros touched in March, but it’s still far from the 20 euros the market photographed a year ago.

Moreover, Prime Minister Mario Draghi emphasized that “detachment from Russian gas is not an issue on the table today.” But despite the government’s efforts to quickly replace Putin’s methane, methane price hikes remain a problem in the scenarios that have been circulating on the government’s table in recent days. And after the government’s decision to give more powers to the authority led by Stefano Besegini, and also tasked it with collecting all multi-year contracts signed by gas importers, it was natural to use data on the cost of buying gas, much less than finding a balance.

“Arera has the authority to require gas importers to submit contracts. I am convinced that they are multi-year contracts, and therefore the hypothesis that they no longer supply us with gas is unmarked. Acquisition prices will also be very different from those that follow the frenzy of markets today,” said Confindustria President Carlo Bonomi yesterday, returning to the need for a cap on the Italian gas price. Minister for Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani clearly highlighted the unacceptable difference between gas costs and resale prices for homes and businesses. Associated with those in Amsterdam.The point is that the energy cost expressed by these contracts has been associated for years with the market cost (in March 2021 both were 0.2 euros per cubic meter), but since last July things have changed, taking into account the numbers of the customs agency. While the cost of gas has always been pictured at €0.2 in July, the market price has already doubled, peaking at 1.6 last February, while the real cost has remained at 0.6. A distortion that the new bill provisioning rule must correct.

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