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Carlo Verdoni, hot background on Eleonora Giorgi’s kiss: “He had a mouth…”

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You say Sergio and Nadia and immediately think of the movie talcum powder With Carlo Verdoni and Eleonora Giorgi. The movie is over forty years old and is a cult hit with fans old and new. Interpreters are always required to tell something, a backstory, a secret about the shooting.

So, a short time ago too Charles Verdon He wanted to be involved with the audience From his memories of the movieEspecially the lovely fellow Eleonora Giorgi. talcum powder It dates back to 1982, a film co-written by and starring Carlo Verdoni. According to many fans of the Romanian author, this can be considered The true aesthetic pinnacle of the artist’s cinematography. Indeed, the plot combines all the thematic cornerstones and poetic figures of Verdone’s cinema with harmonious verve.

The background to that kiss between Eleonora Giorgi and Carlo Verdoni – Photo: Ansa (ffwebmagazine)

The film begins as a comedy of misunderstandings, full of surreal comedy and social satire, but is soon tainted by the most grotesque romance and melodrama, revealing scenes of pure melancholy. What is the real theme of the movie? Maybe it’s a failure: all the characters pretend it’s not an escape from their mediocre and unsatisfying lives.

A beautiful movie that is still enjoyable to this day. It is no coincidence that the work won many significant awards at that time. For example David di Donatello, Grolla d’oro, Montreal World Film Festival, Nastro d’Argento. Giorgi managed to establish herself as a first-class actress immediately after collaborating with Verdone, while The director has established himself as one of the heroes of the new Italian comedy.

The hot background of Carlo Verdoni in Eleonora Giorgi’s Talcum Powder Kiss: Here’s what happened during the shoot

But what is the background that Carlo Verdoni decided to reveal after so many years? It’s a biting curiosity that will make all movie buffs and cinephiles smile. In the final scene of the movie Sergio Benvenuti and Nadia Vandelli They exchange A long and passionate kiss after the reunion. And Verdon’s memory has something to do with this scene.

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That three-minute kiss between Eleonora Giorgi and Carlo Verdoni – Photo: Ansa (ffwebmagazine)

Director of Photography Ennio Guarnieri He made us kiss for three minutes in a rowVerdoni wrote some time ago on social networks.Giorgi can confirm! At the end her mouth was pepper redwhile I was somewhat confusedPerhaps the idea was to film a kiss that was too long to send with the end credits. But for production reasons, the scene was cut.

sinVerdoni commented, “Because there would have been testimony to the kilometer kiss. certainly One of the longest running movies of all timeOn another occasion, Verdoni admitted that he often thinks about the fate of Sergio and Nadia, the two protagonists of the film.They may still be together“, He said. “At the end of the talcum powder, they resume play. They may be unhappy in their marriages, so their story will continue in the hidden secret“.

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