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Card top-up service from other accounts

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Let’s see how the new Postepay Open service works thanks to which we can perform an action that was previously prohibited. Here’s how it works

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It’s on its way Postepay is open, the new service from Italian Post Which allows you to improve your use Postpaid. This is something they’ve never seen before, which can help people who aren’t famous a bit prepaid yellow card.

for every Postpaid noun means associated with a Tax code visible It can be controlled inPostepay app. On the other hand, those that can be linked can be linked to comp the purchase price.

Postepay Open: How to top up a Postepay card from other accounts

Practically speaking, with the introduction of this novelty, you can recharge your energy Postpaid Using the checking accounts you have with others Banks. in order to take advantage of Postpaid to open You need to download a filePostepay app By logging in with your credentials and clicking the “Recharge from other accounts” button.

The alternative is to click the Manage button. Postepay is open. Both buttons are located on the main page of the application. It is then necessary to sign the contract in order to use the service.

At the moment authorized banks are Intesa San Paolo, Unicredit, Fineco, Banco BPM, N26, Monte Paschi di Siena. Banca Sella, BPER, Revolut and ING are also part of the list. However, the list is constantly updated and other lists can also be added in a short time banking institutions.

You can re-upload a file Postpaid card From your checking account through a Standard Bank Transfer or a moment. It is important to have one Advanced electronic signature to activate the service. At the end of the first recharge, you will be able to monitor and view a file Move List of your accounts when you want.

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Go into the details of the procedure to continue accessing and benefiting from the service Postepay is open, You will have to choose one Postpaid card which you have headed. Then you will have to enter the process data and in the section of your choice Payment methods You will necessarily have to choose Add a payment method.

The next step is to select the name of the bank you have in it Bank account (also jointly) and confirm consent to display the information. The cards that can be reloaded in this way are those record evolution.

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