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Cannes: Trinca, heart and respect for every movie – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – CAN, May 28 – If you want the jury to do well, choose the president carefully, then the other jurors with him and make sure they know who decides, said Cannes Historical Director Gilles Jacob. In this version, the head of the jury, Vincent Lyndon, chose democracy, and returned home with an almost record result: more awards than jurors, 10 winners and only 9 judges – Lyndon himself admitted – always decided by a majority.

“This jury has taught me – says the president – to watch a film, and to let it grow in memory and discussion. Seldom have I seen so much mutual respect between artists and so much warmth in defending each one what he loves rather than dismantling what bothers him.”

“Today we say goodbye with full hearts – says Jasmine Trinca – because for 10 days we breathed together that unique experience of living feelings together in the darkness of the room. And because we did, we put our hearts and the utmost respect for every movie we’ve seen and that emotion as a mere spectator. We found her again this evening, we finally saw the winners among us and think of those who are not there and remain in the heart and in the memory.” (Dealing).

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