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Canadian gas is the “soul” made in Italy

Canadian gas is the “soul” made in Italy

Sicim, an Italian company, is among a group of companies that have received four major orders in Canada worth about $ 1 billion. These are jobs in climate and geographically complex areas for the construction of infrastructure for the transportation of oil and gas products.

Internationalization also makes itself felt in the accounts: by 2021, the Group expects to reach a turnover of மில்லியன் 600 million with 65 million EBIDTA. Its global branch has 7,500 employees and invests ஆராய்ச்ச 3 million a year in research.

Complex interventions

The Burma-based company has been operating in Canada for many years, thanks to its historic collaboration with the Letcore Group, which in this case will take care of the Ice Bass Division: part of the Spread 8 West & IC Pass Division (55 km 48-inch pipeline) that is part of the Coastal Gasling Pipeline Project. The latter is a project to supply natural gas to a gas liquefaction plant to be built near Kidimat in the Pacific Ocean via northern British Columbia, from where Lng Canada will export it to world markets. It will initially carry 60 million cubic meters of natural gas per day and then reach its full capacity of 140 million cubic meters per day.

Sicim then touches on what is considered to be the most complex part of the work, crossing the western part of the Rocky Mountains, characterized by geographical conditions and challenging orography, with snow-covered obstacles for most of the year. . The Italian company has to operate in 26 particularly demanding segments, 10 of which have the installation of two 1.5-length cable cars, which are useful for the transport of goods and personnel, to overcome this difference in slope and height of more than 30%. Scheduled.km. About 1,000 workers will be hired during the period of maximum operation and 500 thousand cubic meters of rocks will be crushed.

Work is now underway as the entire pipeline is scheduled to be mechanically completed by the end of 2022.


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