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Canada wins | Paper

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The vaccination campaign is going well because of the support of all parties

At the start of the global vaccination campaign, Canada experienced several delays. In the absence of a manufacturing plant, it depends on the distribution of others, especially neighboring countries: Joe Biden, an ally of the United States who shared an excellent multilateral and supportive impulse with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, did not export a single dose outside their own borders. . That’s why the recent news of Canada overtaking the United States in vaccine rates immediately took on a revenge flavor..

Fifty-eight percent of the Canadian population received the first dose, and 49 percent of the U.S. population: Canada now leads the G7 (US ranks sixth, only Japan). But rather than triggering competition between neighbors, experts call on us to understand the reasons for this acceleration: they will benefit everyone.

It manifests itself in all studies The success of the Canadian model is determined by its flexibility in bargaining and resilience in management. (It does not matter to all Canadians or all ages, and is no less controversial) But above all the vaccine has not become a political issue. All the major parties in the country campaigned in favor of the vaccine, with the opposition only criticizing the government’s slow course. There is a lot of talk about locks, but drastic measures have been introduced by Ontario Governor Doug Ford, often portrayed as the Canadian Trump. “I hate lockdowns,” Ford often said, but when his Science Council told him, he implemented it.

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In Canada, being anti-scientific or anti-vaccine does not increase consensus: There is no waxing, but you become famous by the speed at which you are vaccinated and then you return to normal.

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