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Canada will not force unvaccinated people to take “psychiatric medications.”

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It was posted on Facebook on November 19, 2022 A video Shows a man answering a question in English from a woman holding up a microphone. In the video, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (Cpso) — the body that regulates the practice of medicine in the Canadian province — sent a letter to “all Ontario physicians” recommending that “all unvaccinated patients be considered for mental health problems and referred to drug psychiatrists.”

Along with the video, a comment written by the person who posted the content on Facebook reads, “Canada to force psychiatric drugs on those who refuse mRNA injections or any type of vaccination.”

It is content that is misrepresented to convey false information.

First, it is not true that Canada will force unvaccinated people to take psychiatric drugs. Contacted by colleagues fromAssociated Pressl’Health CanadaNational Institute of Public Health, He confirmed It has never published guidelines on Covid-19 vaccines and psychiatric drugs.

Let’s go to the video being analyzed. William McGiss, the person speaking, can verify Here. According to What it conveys Canadian newspaper Toronto Star, is a physician who lives in Alberta and is no longer practicing. Formerly Makis has spread Baseless conspiracy theories against the Covid-19 vaccine.

After clarifying this point, let’s move on to what Mahis said. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CpsoAsk)) is the body that regulates the practice of medicine in Ontario. Actually, doctors Must be members CPSO’s to practice in a Canadian province. The CPSO did not send a letter or email to doctors with content similar to that quoted in the post under review.

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Contacted by several fact-checking sites, Shay GreenfieldA spokesperson for the Canadian agency said (Here, Here And Here) said Magis was not a member of the organization and that the doctor in the video had misrepresented what was on the page for doctors. With many questions and answers CPSO website on Covid-19. Let’s see why.

One of these questions asks how physicians should manage patients who request exemptions from receiving the vaccine against the new Sars-CoV-2. In the first edition updated in September 2022, in response It read “It is important for physicians to work with their patients to manage vaccine-related concerns and not allow avoidance behaviors. In cases of serious concern, there are recommendations for responsible use of prescription drugs and/or psychotherapy. Overall, physicians should adequately inform their patients about vaccines, without exaggerating those concerns through exclusion.” There is also a responsibility.”

Answer It was later updated In addition to a note belonephobia, i.e. fear of needles. Therefore, all patients who refuse vaccination are diagnosed with mental illness and are not recommended to be prescribed psychiatric drugs. A spokesperson clarified that the CPSO “does not establish diagnostic criteria for mental disorders”. In both versions of the response, the goal is to encourage doctors to work with patients who want to vaccinate but are reluctant to do so because of a psychological condition, Greenfield concluded.

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