December 3, 2023

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Canada, USA and protests: From trucks to the Super Bowl, the working class wins

Canada, USA and protests: From trucks to the Super Bowl, the working class wins

The American working class is winning.
The revolt of the Canadian truckers, Justin Trudeau’s “escape”, is half the world’s resistance.

Anti-Govt restrictions after two years (Unconstitutional?), The “convoy of freedom” crosses the ideal border between Canada and the United States And indeed develops into a kind of international movement.

Workers against power, deceived that the epidemic was complete.

But no.

Everything in North America is trembling, Now it’s the relatives of the stars and the lines that notice. And not only Paralyzed strategic encounters Or for that matter Items that start out in short supply Or for that matter Factories close their doors.

Now, it may seem trivial, but it is not, The most nationally-popular event of the year in the cross-chairs of chaos: the Super Bowl.

Scheduled for this Sunday in Los Angeles. Precisely in Los Angeles meet not only truck drivers, but everyone who is not there in general. In other words, rightly or wrongly, all those who feel they have been the victim of two years of stress and coercion consider it a real abuse of their life and their personal freedom.

No one could have imagined that caravans and some horns could create all this.

Rather yes.

For days the question remained: How far can the wave go?

L ‘Australia and New Zealand Excited, The France Disagreements are prohibited by lawItaly is also reeling between carriers and expensive fuel.

With millions of cameras and spotlights and spectators focused on the football final, it is clear that it is an attractive media opportunity for those looking forward to the uprising and the most dangerous for those who fear it.

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Biden looks at Ukraine with one eye and he looks at California with the other, which may be the starting point of the convoy.

Because the goal of the conflict is his Union State Address, scheduled for March 1stIn a capital that already promises to be armored.
Since the goal of dissatisfaction is he, he is power, he Washington.