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Canada, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom have called for legal action against Iran over the downing of a Ukrainian airliner by two Iranian missiles in 2020.

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On Wednesday, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom have a group of four. He asked formally On January 8, 2020, the jury was opened in the case of the downing of a Ukrainian airliner by two Iranian missiles: the accident resulted in the death of all passengers on board, a total of 176 people.

Arbitration is a legal process for the peaceful resolution of a dispute in which the disputing parties by mutual agreement submit the case to a body, judge or tribunal of their choice and agree to be bound by the decision (for example an award of compensation). The possibility of initiating this type of action is foreseen Montreal Conference of 1971 All five countries in question have signed on to crack down on illegal laws against civil aviation security. The convention gives disputing parties six months to agree on setting up an independent tribunal. If they don’t, a party can refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, a tribunal that settles disputes between states belonging to the United Nations.

The flight that was shot down by Iranian missiles was Ukraine International Airlines 752, and the citizens of four countries on board have requested legal action against Iran. They have been saying for some time that they will take concrete steps to compensate the families of those who died in the accident.

All four countries accuse the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s most powerful military force, of “illegally and deliberately” firing two missiles at the plane. Instead, the Iranian government (he was killed a few days ago) after firing some missiles against two Iraqi military bases that housed US military forces. Baghdad, Iraq, The Iranian General Qassem Soleimaniby order of then US President Donald Trump).

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