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Canada sinks an unfortunate Italy – RSI Swiss radio and television

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After the first period of the draw, both teams showed excellent hockey, with Canada beating Italy 6-1. The score opened at 12’57 when the blue Piedroniro dredger was pierced. This advantage did not last long, however, as Group A favorites equalized three minutes later with a good shot from Sunheim’s blue. The Maple Leaf team is in the snow again after the first break with new energy: the Irish men no longer have a chance to face the Canadians, who have scored three goals in the midfield with Anderson, Roy and Johnson. To extend the fraction Mayo 42’49 “and Grigor 54’54” was greater than the latter number.

Norway, on the other hand, managed to beat Great Britain on penalties. After losing the first match against Finland, Thoreson’s boys bounced back, but not without difficulty. The first period of the match ended in a draw when Glovestot scored in 16’53. The challenge with the Nordics, who went on to sign twice, ended in a penalty, with Trettins and Haga against the only English goal scored by Conway.

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