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Canada, No Vox father loses the right to see his son

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New York – Either you get vaccinated or you can’t see your baby. From the Canadian province of Quebec, they have decided to impose a tax on “Novax”, another harsh signal is coming. The father who opposes the Govt vaccine loses the right to be with his 12-year-old son until he decides to take the vaccine. It was established by a judge of the High Court of Quebec, the French-speaking province of Canada, who defined the action taken in the “best interest” of the minor.

The decision was made before December 23 but has now surfaced in the Canadian media. The man will not be able to see his son until at least February. “It would not be in the best interests of the child – Judge Jean-Sebastien Wilencourt wrote in the rule – that in the current epidemiological context one can communicate with the father who is not vaccinated and who opposes health measures”. There is a reference to the Govt epidemic and the new emergency situation, especially in the province of Quebec, where 90 percent of adults have been vaccinated, linked to the Omigran variant, which has recorded the highest number of infections in Canada.

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Father Novak’s lawsuit was settled out of court, with his wife divorcing him and asking him to stay with his son for one more day during the Christmas holidays. The ex-wife, who knew he had not been vaccinated, protested and exposed his conspiratorial stance on social media. The person confirmed that he had not been vaccinated and had “reservations” about treatment, but that he “rarely” left the house “respecting health standards”. The ex-wife, however, filed in court an extract of the conspiracy post the person posted on Facebook.

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“Looking at the timeliness of the news – the judge commented, the person addressed – there are strong reasons to doubt whether you can comply with health standards in this court.” The judge added that when a child is vaccinated, the immune system is “reduced against the Omigran variant that is spreading in Quebec.” The ex-wife lives with her new spouse and two children, aged seven months and four years, too young to be vaccinated. In Canada, the minimum age for vaccinating against Govt is five years. “Considering the circumstances – the judge said – none of the three children were interested in receiving visits from unvaccinated adults.”

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In an effort to control the explosions, the Quebec government announced a series of measures, including a 10pm curfew and a ban on indoor meetings. But the most drastic move was on Tuesday, when Prime Minister Franois LeCall announced the introduction of a tax form for Novak. “All people who are not vaccinated for non-medical reasons should contribute,” he said. Legalt did not elaborate on the amount but spoke of a “significant contribution”. “I think this is a fair question for ninety percent of the people who have made sacrifices – he added.”

On the same day that Legalt’s announcement was made, Health Minister Christian Dube described the news as “encouraging” that vaccines were on the rise. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would not comment on the decision, but acknowledged he would like to see how it works. In the case of Father Novak, the judge will reconsider the situation at a hearing scheduled for Feb. 8. If he enters on that date, he will not be vaccinated and he will not be able to see his son regularly. And, most likely, in the meantime, he will have to pay a “contribution” in cash.

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