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Canada has done it again: King Charles III’s new mare Noble has arrived

Canada has done it again: King Charles III’s new mare Noble has arrived
LONDON, 12 March 2023 – Yes, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have done it again, maintaining a long tradition.

To give the British royal family something of their own Highly trained horses: and a few days ago i The Royal Muse Windsor is sublime7 years old black tiger.

Noble, under 165cm at the withers, a mare Hanover Daughter of the stallion High Spirit: Her full name is Herr Noble by convention, taking her sire’s initials as is customary for every Hanoverian.

But her standard nick is simply Noble: the perfect name for someone like her, who is not only well-formed from a physical point of view, but also has a very calm and composed personality.

His Majesty Charles III Had the pleasure of meeting Nobel for the first time at the Royal Muse earlier this week. Seeing them together, one can’t help but think of the perfect combination they make Elizabeth II and the BurmeseAlso from the RCMP.

who wanted to celebrate not only the new sovereign but also the 150th anniversary of its foundation.

It should be noted that Burmier and Noble were not the only RCMP ambassadors at Windsor House, as they were joined by the following from Canada:
  • Centenary (Awarded in 1973 to celebrate the RCMP Centenary)
  • James (donated in 1998 as part of the RCMP’s 125th anniversary celebrations) was regularly driven by Trooping the Color for King James as Prince of Wales.
  • George (awarded by Burmese in 2009 to celebrate the 40th anniversary) George as Prince of Wales riding Trooping the Color
  • Elizabeth (Awarded on Diamond Jubilee 2012)
  • Sir John (awarded in 2016 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday)
  • Clooney and Darby (both donated in 2019 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the breeding program and the 50th anniversary of the donation to the Burmese queen)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is best known for its home patrols. Cheers on horseback He also has a long-standing relationship with the royal family.

After attending Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, the ‘Mounties’ presented him with Burmese in 1969, which the Queen rode for 18 years as Trooping the Colour.

Noble toured with the RCMP fanfare in 2022, where he stood out for his talents. He has entered over 90 public shows at 50 different venues in Canada and has been voted Her Majesty’s Horse of the Year for his size and ability.

Her calm demeanor allows her to feel comfortable even in the sometimes very noisy atmosphere of important public events.

Raised and trained in Canada as part of the RCMP breeding program in Pakenham, Ontario, Noble earned his name through the RCMP’s annual “Name the Foal” contest.

Four mounts were among the last horses presented by the RCMP to the Queen, participating in the funeral procession of HM Elizabeth II in September 2022.

All that remains is to wait until the next Trooping the Colors finally sees Charles III and his Noble together: there seems to be a sense of exploration through the gentle expression of British sovereignty.

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Charles III Befriends Noble From Royal Family Instagram Page


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