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Canada-England 19-26. English First Finalists – OA Sport

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all’Eden Park in Auckland, New ZealandIn the first meeting England defeated Canada 26-19 in the Women’s Rugby World Cup semi-finalspasses through FinalWhere is waiting? New Zealand-France win to play World title. The The North Americans will fight for third place against the away team Defeated from the second semi-final.

In First half England starts with a great career and already marks 9′ with Marley Packer. Emily Scarratt metamorphosis and English immediately went 7-0. The Europeans’ shock wave continues, finding the second goal of the match with Abby Dow on the quarter-hour mark: Emily Scarratt misses the conversion, The score was 12-0. However, the North Americans rise up, they go to the goal with Karen Paquin at the age of 22 (not transformed) and at the age of 35 they find out. Link at 12 height With Alisha Corrigan’s signature replaced by Sophie de Goed. However, with the last attack, 40 ‘Emily Scarratt He punishes the Canadians off the field And England went into the break 15-12 up.

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In Recovery England immediately begins in a disorderly manner, which Stretches first with the package Emily Scarratt at 43′ is worth it On 18-12 and then with Abby Doe’s second personal goalnot changed, for 23-12. The Yellow card awarded by Vicky Cornborough In the 54′ he risks restarting the match, but England are up against 14 for 15. However, when numerical parity returned, Canada saw a goal in the 68′ by Tyson Buickboom, who was replaced by Sophie de Goed, who brought up the score. On 23-19.

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England pushed back and Emily Scarratt put the North Americans back in front from 71′. That brought the score to 26-19 after the break. In the last few minutes the energies are on both sides at a glance and so on England beat Canada 26-19.

Photo: Valerio Origo

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