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Canada: Drought kills 65,000 salmon

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In British Columbia, Ill Canada there Drought Caused real mass death Salmon fish. In fact, on the banks of the Neegas River, 65 thousand The specimens died before laying Egg, in unprecedented carnage. Experts are pointing fingers Climate change Now environmental concern e consequences The economy is booming.

Drought kills salmon in Canada

Scientists in Canada faced dramatic salmon slaughter due to drought. Every autumn These unusual fish go very hard in the waters of rivers pathTo lay eggs, e to die, then, on the return journey. Their bodies, naturally distributed along the way, provide Nutrients to the surrounding environment in perfect balance. This year, with River Neegas, in British Columbia, everything went wrong. The fish fought back against themselves Water Very little or, in many areas, Nonexistentand died en masse without being able to complete the cycle Breeding. The slaughter involved salmon in particular is high And Sum.


Drought has killed salmon in Canada, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. It has, in fact, manifested itself in the peak of a Period Climate paradox, impact on Global warming It manifested itself in a violent way. The Heat waves They did, in fact, follow each other through the summer in British Columbia, as elsewhere Precipitation Months are below average. One afternoon the rain However, in early October, he changed the cards on the table. The momentary high tide has really given the salmon an illusion signal Set out and cause carnage. Scientists now fear that this phenomenon may not exist, considering the situation isolated And ready monitoring and interventions.

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Drought-induced salmon runs in Canada can have major ecological and economic consequences. Salmon, first of all, is essential for balance Food In ecosystems. Mass of bodies Decomposition And then it has already proven to be a threat to other species. positions Oxygen In the Neegas River, in fact, they have receded greatly and the water is present Hospitality. The Recovery Additionally, salmon are incomplete for at least 5 or 6 generations, so about two years. This can cause severe damage Fishing For a sector with globally rated value 208.8 billion Dollars. In fact, salmon is a very popular dish Tribal communitiesIt also represents an important cultural element.

The drought-induced salmon slaughter in Canada means more than one thing Door bell warning Populations of these fish, in fact, already exist Decline And climate change is already worsening a picture Compromise From pollution, aquaculture and overfishing. According to recent studies, periods of severe drought have increased by 20% in the Northern Hemisphere, and the future does not look bright.

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