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Canada bans gun use

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Canada bans gun use

The Canadian government may go so far as to completely ban the use of firearms in cities, so that liberalism can provide a tougher response to the problem of the use of firearms than the new bill introduced on Monday, May 30th. Premiere, Justin. Trudeau, which disables the import, sale and exchange of firearms in the country.

Public Defense Minister Marco Mendicino has labeled it “the most important thing in the field of armed violence in Canada for at least a generation,” and it should be accepted in the fall. The House of Commons and the Senate, however, did not go so far as to ban arms outright. Prohibiting the use of pistols and firearms does not make it easier for provinces and municipalities. The bill allows existing gun owners to keep it. There are about one million such weapons in circulation in Canada.

Following the introduction of a new law imposing sanctions imposed by the Canadian administration, Minister Mendicino publicly announced that the country is open to debate and that all options, including a ban on use, are on the table. He said he had asked several mayors and local executives about guns in cities from different areas.

For example, Toronto Mayor John Dory, in his final speech on the bill, hopes the government will ban guns altogether. In addition, he argued that the government should take drastic measures on the border with the United States, from which comes the “unacceptable” flow of illegal weapons. Following this, Justin Trudeau’s government imposed stricter sanctions against the kidnappers.

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The Canadian Prime Minister has announced that a plan to buy back assault weapons will be made mandatory and that the government will be able to revoke gun licenses for those involved in marital violence.

Furthermore, the courts can request the surrender of weapons in their possession from persons deemed dangerous to themselves and others.

Tightening controls on guns and other firearms in Canada After the massacre at an elementary school in Wolverhampton, Texas, an 18-year-old killer killed 21 people, 19 children and two teachers, who were then armed, usually armed. Purchased gun. An assassination that revived the debate over weapons in the United States.

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