Home Economy Can a “no” of a building cause business to stop?

Can a “no” of a building cause business to stop?

Can a “no” of a building cause business to stop?

Does a horizontal tiered home owner have to apply for a condominium approval to start work on the 110% Superbonus?

Let’s find out the Revenue Agency’s specifics about the need for a condominium license for a Superbonus on a listed home.

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The Superbonus Theme It is not easy to deal with. There are many issues to be clarified and the doubts of the citizens abound. Attention to the directions should be at a maximum because a small mistake can cost the procedure. To illustrate the use of Superbonus 110%, the revenue agency exists with a circular series on various issues. From assigning credit to fixtures until Detached house in a multi-family building. Several inquiries follow each other to stress the difficulties citizens face in fully understanding the procedure. A final issue the foundation clarified concerns the possibility of having an owner Terraced house Thus, condominium to be able to independently proceed with the Superbonus business without having to request any to delegate.

Listed house, do you need a condominium license?

Circular No. 23 of 2022 is the document that contains a large amount of information regarding the use of Superbonus 110%. Within the text can be obtained an answer to doubt about need permission for Initiation of regeneration and redevelopment interventions In the house horizontal terraces.

Well, if the houses are certain characteristics of independence Condominium affiliation is not counted, therefore, it will not be necessary to request any permission. Specifically, it is necessary to consider whether the real estate units have one or more Independent access from outside Despite its proximity to other multi-family buildings, it meets the requirements functional independence.

Routing details

The fact that the house belongs to an apartment building It’s not related – He cites the text of the Circular from the Revenue Agency – the only detail that matters is independent access. In this case, it is possible to take advantage of the Superbonus Independently. Interventions can start without a condominium meeting with the consequent vote and decision.

Of course, this rule applies only if the work carried out involves it Just The house owns the terraces. If even one small intervention should worry Part of the buildings to which it belongs It will be necessary to obtain the approval of the housing units. The same goes for a Change interface color, for example, which may affect the appearance of the building. In the event of contravention of the building directives, the works can be banned.

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