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Campaign preload not available, 343 Industries explains why –

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The Campaign mode Halo Infinite will be available from tomorrow, December 8, 2021, exactly 19:00 Italian time. If you plan to download the game in advance, know that you can’t. Halo Infinite preload not possible 343 industries explained why. The full game will weigh 70.37 GB.

A developer at 343 Industries clarified that the team wants to allow preloading of the Halo Infinite campaign, but for a series of artistic boundaries It is not possible. On Reddit, it was written: “I understand the confusion and in a perfect world we would like to enable preloading. However, there are technical limitations. Since ‘Halo Infinite’ is executable and already available for download [ndr, in versione multiplayer free to play] There is no easy way for us to create a ‘login time’ for some specific parts of the game (such as the campaign) and not others.”

Master Chief of Halo Infinite

Then he also explained that even those who participate in game arcade It will not be able to access a real preload. The service currently encourages downloading Halo Infinite, but this is only a placeholder. The only advantage is that thanks to this you don’t have to manually go to Game Pass and select “Get” to be able to download the Halo Infinite campaign, but you will receive the update to the final version at the time of release. Players who regularly purchase the game will receive the update at the same time (19:00, as mentioned).

In essence, the Halo Infinite campaign is an update to an already available multiplayer game, not a separate game, so the system doesn’t allow you to preload. We also remember that owning the physical version of Halo Infinite will not give any advantages: the game is not all on disc and still needs to be downloaded.

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