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Camila Valiva and Sui-Han – OA Sports Waiting

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Yes there are many interesting points to that See Skate Canada, ISU Grand Prix 2021-2022 round figure skating second phase planned At the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center in Montreal from October 29 to 31.

The The most anticipated race It will be one of the unique women who will make their debut in the senior circuit of the Russian champion, for a variety of reasons. Camila Valiva, He broke two new records from his seasonal debut at the Finland Trophy, a new total of 249.24. Try the skill of Ethereum Dudberits on the Canadian ice Attempting to properly land the triple axle further enhances its performance, An element inserted three to four times (one salco and two toe loops) into shorts and free Deadly and successful weapon Must win the match in all competitions.

Curiosity too Elena Costonia, The athlete we learned from before the difficult temporary transition from Blashenko is slowly returning. it is a Important moment For Muscovite, as A little surprise will present two new projects, “New York, New York ” Short and “Beautiful“By Billy Elish, it was actually edited for some time, but never Acting In the match. And the senior should not be underestimated Elizaveta Dukhtamisheva, In excellent form and ready to bother as usual.

And speaking Foreigner We will evaluate at this meeting What kind of pasta is Waqaba Higuchi really made of?, Actually the only non-Russian skater (shapeless and possibly shapeless Kihira) skater At least he tried to put a spanner in the works for top personalities. Mention should also be made of the United States Alyssa Liu, A newcomer to the series of the highest genre with franchise High target level, And South Korea Hein Lee, The protagonist with beauty shows already associated with the junior category.

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Further The situation in the male sector is worse, Where it will return immediately Nathan Sen., Then call for redemption Skate America’s sensational third level With that he broke the chain of continuity that began in 2018. To face the wrath of the American game there Team player Jason Brown thinks, Host Keegan Messing And formed a competitive Russian team Evgeni Semenenko, Makar Ignatov and Alexander Samarin, Three, however, a lot to prove after the start of the year in an unforgettable game.

In pairs that start with the advantage of predictions, they will clearly be Olympic runners-up in office. Wenjing Shui-Kong Han, Ready to lift the bar again after a positive Asian Open. The Russians were also present Daria Pavliuchenko-Denis Kodikin, Who will show one Master of Asura technology With some details that make us discuss. Interest in all Canadian challenge in between Kirsten Moore Towers-Michael Marinaro e Vanessa James-Erica Radford, Will be useful to understand the internal dynamics in anticipation of the coming months.

Remaining in Canada, a Piper Gilles-Paul Borier It will be the task of confirming Eve’s predictions by winning first place in the dance, which seems almost certain in a hierarchical sense. In this sense it is really grounded Check out the performance of Azzurri Charlene Guignard-Marco Fabbri, Who dI am as close as possible to face enemies, And the conditions are all there. Finally, they compete for the lowest point on the stage Brittany Lila Fear-Louis Gibson, Continued Olivia Smart-Adrian Diaz, Already fourth in Las Vegas last week.

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