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Calcio Dolomiti Belonese in the first meeting

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The Dolomiti Bellunesi team is warming up its engines, preparing for the fourth season of the Serie A football championship. Monday 22 July is the scheduled date for the meeting, at the Municipal Stadium of Cedico at 4 pm, then the venue will change from the following day, when the group is available to Mr. Nicola Zanini and his staff, moving to the Rasai di Seren del Grappa, where it will carry out the entire preparation period. The first official commitments will be on Sunday 1 September with the debut in the Italian Cup (the competition will start at the end of August with the preliminary round) and on 8 September with the debut in the championship. The summer testing calendar will be announced soon.

So, in the last days of July and throughout August, the Dolomites will work on building their athletic readiness, getting to know each other and oiling the playing mechanisms. We start again from a unified base, guaranteed by important reinforcements in every department: from defense with captain Perez, Tiozzo and Alcides, to midfield with Tardevo and Thomas Cosalter, up to attack with Marangon and De Paoli. Then there are the young Capaccioni and Mesut. The news season is also rich: from the return of Nocchi at the back, to Brugnolo and Fagan in midfield, passing by Olonisakin and Diallo in attack. Other names destined to enrich the team.

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