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By no means to the house, that explained the electrical plot hole?

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I No way home record They follow, while the movie continues to be shown in various theaters. The film with Tom Holland was an amazing success, but it is certainly not without flaws: in fact, many Plot holes in Spider-Man Watts. Someone might be about Electro, and a fan tried to explain it: That’s what we’re talking about.

You know if you’ve seen the movie, in the movie Peter asks Doctor Strange to cast a spell so everyone forgets he’s Spider-Man. However, when the young man begins entering as many parameters as Strange does, the magician loses control of his spell, and casts another, which It attracts all the villains of the multiverse who know that Peter is Spider-Man.

Now, the problem appears here. From the Raimi trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man films, we know that Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Rhys Ifans’ Lizard, and Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman were privy to the true identity of Spider-Man. However it is not the same Foxx’s Electro, who didn’t have a scene where he found out Peter was Spider-Man. How did he know? A user on reddit may have found the answer to this question in a phrase uttered by the character at No Way Home.

In fact, Electro recalls the moment before he arrived in the Dutch universe, and says, “I was stuck in the grid, I was ingesting data, I was going to go into pure energy and then… then oh… and then… oh damn, I was I die.” Just focus the user on that “data ingest”. According to him Electro, by being able to connect to the entire city’s electricity grid, could have made use of the Internet, various devices or some stored data to discover the identity of Spider-Man. He might have had access to Garfield Peter’s webcam, or just his computer. In this way, he will have easily figured out the mystery. Does this seem reasonable to you? You will find all the detailed theory at the bottom of the article!

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