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Buzz’s True Story: The director broke the silence and revealed everything about the film

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Disney Pixar returns with a new animated movie. The protagonist, for this last title, is none other than Buzz Lightyear, the famous character from the “Toy Story” series.

The animation studio announced that the expected release date in cinemas is next June 15. A novelty, given that production after a few years Disney Pixar It has beenexcept from Disney +.

Lightyear – The True Story of Buzz

He’s the direct manager Angus McClain To be the first to talk about the new movie. I openly admit that the idea for the new film is mainly derived from star Wars.

And the director announced this in an interview, which was granted exclusively, during the press journal organized for the presentation of the new film.

The inspiration came, as the director says, from memories from his childhood. Consider epic Toy StoryIn fact, as a child, he asked himself questions about reality the origin by Buzz Lightyear. Not finding satisfactory answers, he decided to express them through the new film.

More and more science fiction

MacLean has been passionate about movies of this genre since he was a kid Science Fiction. So the first epic that introduced him to this world was a story star Warsstarted in 1977.

In fact, after watching Star Wars, this genre became practicalObsession For the little ones. And it went on for years, even through adolescence, right into adulthood.


But it wasn’t just Star Wars that impressed and astounded the young McClain. He has continued to deepen his passion through a number of others classics that have followed each other over the years.

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The turning point in Toy Story

The director never departed from the realm of science fiction until in 1995 he met the film that then changed his vision of cinema, i.e. Toy Story.

one of the heroes of the story, Buzz LightyearIt was a character Fascinating Maclean from the start. Since no answers were found to the origin of the young protagonist, the director decided to be the first to provide the answers for his own questions.

So he decided to come to the scene with a story entirely centered around Buzz,”Lightyear – The True Story of Buzz“Perfectly based on this movie a Toy Story kid would watch during the original movie. What MacLane knows in practice”Andy Star Wars“.

The links between “Lightyear – The True Story of Buzz” and Star Wars

All Toy Story fans are familiar with the amount quotes Referring to Star Wars featured in the animated film. In every chapter of the Pixar movie, there are constant references to the trilogy George Lucas.

The next question, rightly, would be rooted in how much is it Quotes, along the same lines, will be present in the new movie which sees the little “Space” game as the protagonist.

Buzz Lightyear

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